Our story.

Free at Last

28 million impoverished men, women, and children are prey to the 32 billion dollar annual business of human trafficking globally. What if instead of business that profits FROM them, we could offer business that profits FOR them? We call this FREEDOM business… businesses that intentionally employ the vulnerable so that they are not prey to trafficking and businesses that employ the rescued so that they can have sustainable freedom.

Free at last is a campaign dedicated to seeing the start and expansion of these freedom businesses around the world. We do this 2 ways: through the sale of freedom products and fundraising for a start up and expansion costs.

Our partners.

Free at Last Partners are dedicated to seeing sustainable freedom offered through the start and expansion of Freedom Businesses around the world. Our partners proudly use the Free at Last logo to declare that they are making a difference on the front of trafficking by giving a portion of their profit to the campaign. To become a Partner: partner@freeatlastcampaign.com

ForeverBecomingImageCheck out this music album on iTunes:

Forever Becoming


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Oct 15, 2012

When you purchase this music album a portion of the proceeds will support the Free At Last campaign.

Our vendors.

Free at Last Vendors join in the fight against trafficking by choosing to carry freedom products. They not only get beautiful products, they also get to be a part of the journey to freedom for many women globally.  To become a Vendor: vendor@freeatlastcampaign.com

Photography: Nikole Lim